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Looking for a carefree mountain bike holiday? The small ski resort of Livigno, nestled in the Italian Alps, might just be what you’re looking for. With an abundance of both trails and bike-friendly services, this valley is a paradise for mountain bikers.

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Livigno, Italy
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This small alpine town, with just under 7000 inhabitants, transforms into a mountain bike paradise in summer. The mountains have multiple riding areas to choose from. With 3200 kilometres of GPS-tracked trails, you’ll be able to fill your mountain bike trip with plenty of mountain biking.

Livigno houses an abundance of bike shops, schools and companies offering guided tours. Add bike-friendly accommodation, a wellness centre, and a bike pass for all ski lifts, and you've got the perfect recipe for careless mountain biking.

Mountain Bike Trails in Livigno

Mottolino BikePark

The bike park in Livigno challenges gravity lovers with 14 downhill trails. There are several lines to ride, varying in difficulty. There is also a jump area and a North Shore area with wooden features to practise your technical skills. 

The bike park has a gondola to take you up to the start of the trails. At the start of the gondola you’ll also find a bike rental shop. The park generally opens in june.

Carosello 3000

The top of the Carosello 3000 mountain can be reached easily by a gondola. From there you can ride 50 km of trails including flow and enduro singletrack. 

The flow trails are designed with beginners and families in mind. They offer a speedy and rhythmical descent. In contrast, the enduro trails feel more natural and offer a technical riding experience. If that’s not enough, there’s the option to explore the backcountry over ancient mule tracks.

The most notable trail here is the “Tutti Frutti Epic” and yes, that is really its name. It is a legendary trail with only a few hundred metres uphill. It can be ridden throughout the summer and lets you ride some of Livigno’s best mountain bike trails.

Sitas Mountain Park

Livigno's mountain park, sometimes referred to as Sitas Livigno Trails, is accessible by gondola from downtown and offers MTB routes up to 2700 metres. It features 5 easy trails with jumps, 2 medium trails, and 2 technical black tracks. Beginners can learn at the Bike Academy, with a 5 km route tailored for skill-building.

Bikepass Livigno

The bikepass provides access to all gondolas in Livigno, giving you an easy uplift to the trails at Mottolino BikePark, Carosello 3000 and Sitas Livigno. In addition, it gives additional discounts to several services in the town. A bikepass can be purchased online for one or more days.

Bike Skill Centre

The Bike Skill Centre in Livigno is both a meeting point for bikers, as well as a place for kids and teenagers to develop their riding skills. With skill tracks, technical features and coaches, you can prepare your youngsters to join you on epic rides.


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