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Sometimes it’s worth a long car ride before you get the hop on your bike. This is certainly the case when it comes to Åre Bike Park. It’s seen as Scandinavia’s greatest bike park and it’s not hard to see why. An abundance of trails for all skill levels and stunning nature prove to be the quickest way to escape daily urban life.

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Åre, Sweden
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Although a long ride away from the civilised world, just under 8 hours from Stockholm, the journey itself is impressive as well. Sweden is known for its stretched out valleys with lakes and massive forests. There is nature everywhere and the closer you get to Norway the taller the mountains. It’s the ideal setting for great mountain bike rides, whether you’re a fan of trail, enduro or downhill riding.

Mountain Bike Trails at Åre Bike Park

The Åre Bike Park is divided into a downhill and a trail section. The trail park features mostly green and blue lines, ideal for beginner riders or when you’re riding with kids. The downhill bike park gets more serious with steep and technical descents.

Bike Park Trail

The trail park is a great warm-up to the downhill section or when you’re riding with young kids. There are plenty of green and blue singletrack trails made with machines, meaning little to no rocks or roots. If you’re looking to mix things up, there are also 2 red lines and a black singletrack. The trail section of Åre Bike Park also features a pump track and skills area.

Bike Park Downhill

The downhill bike park has 50 kilometres of trails across 39 trails, plenty for a full week of riding. There’s a maximum of 853 vertical metres with trails for every preference: 7 green, 11 blue, 11 red and 10 black singletrack lines.

To ride the trail and downhill park, you’ll need to get a BikePass and/or TrailPass. After your ride the town of Åre also has plenty to offer. The town is not shy of coffee bars and restaurants with typical Swedish cuisine such as Moose pizza, something you have to have tried. Of course there are also plenty of places for the typical après with IPA’s.


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Terms of Use: Please be aware that if you choose to follow any of these trails, you do so at your own risk. Before embarking on your journey, be sure to check current local weather conditions and any road or land closures that may be in effect. Always adhere to both public and private land use restrictions and rules while on your ride, and be sure to carry all necessary safety and navigation equipment. Additionally, please make sure to follow the #leavenotrace guidelines to minimize your impact on the environment. The information provided on this website is intended solely as a planning resource and should be used in conjunction with your own due diligence. While every effort has been made to thoroughly research each route and provide accurate GPS tracks and maps, the author's judgment and the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. The Grand Trail, its partners, associates, and contributors are not responsible for any personal injury, damage to personal property, or any other circumstances that may occur while following these trails.

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